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Delirium Tremens Review

Delirium Tremens Review

Ugly Stick readers will know that we’re big fans of the Delirium series beers by Brewery Huyghe. In Matt’s review of Delirium Noctorum he declared an undying love for today’s subject. To celebrate it’s return to local shelves we bring you our Delirium Tremens review!

Delirium Tremens is widely available in nearly every part of the world and has always been a must-buy for longing Newfoundland travelers. In March of this year, Tremens and the pink elephant made their first appearance on NLC shelves and, at the time of publication, limited amounts of bottles are back in stock .

Used by BJCP as a classic example of Belgian Golden Strong Ale, there’s no hiding the fact that Delirium Tremens is a world-class Belgian beer. The instant you open the bottle and that blue foil bulges with pent-up CO2, you sense the fruity aroma of this highly carbonated, bottle-conditioned Belgian ale. It doesn’t take a nerdy beer lover to realize Tremens is special. Like all of Ugly Stick’s beer reviews, this Delirium Tremens review will see the beer treated as if it were homebrew and given our unbiased opinions.

Reviewing classic Belgian styles is always difficult using this method as the truth is that beers like Tremens defined the style, and not the other way around.

BJCP: 25C Belgian Golden Strong Ale: A pale, complex, effervescent, strong Belgian-style ale that is highly attenuated and features fruity and hoppy notes in preference to phenolics

Delirium Tremens Review

de·lir·i·um tre·mens (dəˌlirēəm ˈtremənz)/ noun – a psychotic condition typical of withdrawal in chronic alcoholics, involving tremors, hallucinations, anxiety, and disorientation.


Green apple, pear, white grapes, and minor floral notes impart a white wine like character that dominates the aroma. As the glass warms to room temperature light graininess becomes apparent. No faults here. 12 out of 12.


Very clear with an SRM around 4 — it’s yellow bordering on gold. A thick, rocky, white head emerges, formed from pervasive tiny bubbles. While it could have been rockier for longer, about a quarter of the initial head lasts longer than you’d ever need. 2.5 out of 3.


Pepper and a perfect hint of warming alcohol balance the sweetness of green apple, pear, and grapes from the aroma. Some sweetness and bitter hops remain in the aftertaste which is subsequently cleaned up by the alcohol and closing with a dry finish. As your palate adapts, subtle bubblegum and a slightly out-of-place tangy orange flavor are noticed. You will be left craving more. 19 out of 20.


High carbonation not only provides a vehicle for aroma and ample head, it also dominates the mouthfeel that is appropriate for the style. Alcohol is present but not hot. Body is medium-light though that perception is likely skewed by the effervescence. 5 out of 5.

Overall Impressions

Delirium Tremens is undoubtedly a world-class beer that deserves all the praise it has earned. Like mentioned in Matt’s review of Delirium Noctorum, Delirium Tremens is exceptionally easy drinking for an 8.7% ABV beer. It’s complex and excellently balanced, providing novice and expert beer lovers alike a near-perfect example of an exciting style. It absolutely justifies its place among the ranks of other Belgian Golden Strong Ales. 9 out of 10 only for the fact that this is a style that features other world-class beers and there is always room for slight, minor improvements.

Delirium Tremens Review Summary

Aroma: 12/12
Appearance: 2.5/3
Mouthfeel: 5/5
Flavour: 19/20
Overall: 9/10
Total: 47.5/50 “World Class”
Delirium Tremens is a world-class, widely available beer that provides an approachable, easy drinking venture into both “Belgian Golden Strong Ales” and the wider world of Belgian beer.

Editor’s Note/Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with NLC in any way. In fact, we’re pretty sure they don’t know we exist, but that’s cool, you’re the only person we’re trying to impress really. Unfortunately if you live in Newfoundland and you want to talk about what’s available on store shelves it’s hard not to make it sound like an ad for the liquor board. Interested in hearing about new beers as they hit the shelves in Newfoundland? Follow us out on Twitter, that’s where we’ll “post them as we see them”. That way you won’t need to wait two weeks and risk it being sold out to the restaurants while head office prepares the advertisement…

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