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Polly Want a Pilsner (Hop City) – Micro Review

Today we have Polly Want a Pilsner by Hop City out of Brampton Ontario. There aren’t a lot of domestic Pilsners readily available around here outside of those that are actually “North American Lagers” so I saw this as an opportunity to sit down and do a quick review of one.

A quick note on this and future reviews: Not every beer we review will be a sweeping epic. In hopes of bringing attention to more beer we will occasionally post micro reviews as an aside. The intention is for these to read more like a BJCP score card or a review from Rate Beer or Beer Advocate. As with the larger reviews, it is not our intent to “trash” any beers, so at the risk of seemingly artificially positive, we do not plan on posting any reviews for beers that we feel are “not good”.


“Polly Want a Pilsner” Review


Straw coloured and brilliantly clear. “Polly Want a Pilsner” poured with a small white head that I would describe more as fluffy than creamy. Head was moderately persistent although it did not make it all the way to the bottom. 2.25/3


Mild sweet malt aroma and low levels of spicy, floral earthy hop character. I could detect a sulfary smell which is acceptable. Overall, in balance but you really need to go looking for it.  9.5/12


Medium bodied and heavily carbonated. All appropriate to style though maybe a touch heavy. 2.75/3


A hint of sweetness adds to an otherwise low grainy malt presentation up front. Hop flavor is more dominant and is similar to that of the aroma (spicy, floral, earthy). Moderate bitterness is supportive and not astringent. Again, I think that this is made with high sulfate water as I could taste it. This is not a fault. The initially perceived dry finish seems to go away with the carbonation and ends up being a little too sweet in my opinion. I detected some fruity ester notes in my sample. 13/20


A nice refreshing beer that lacks in what I would call the “intangibles”. No major faults but also somewhat one-dimensional. It should be noted that Hop City makes a claim that this beer is a combination of a Czech and a German Pilsner. This  may explain why it’s not drier than I would expect. 7/10

Total: 34.5/50 “Very Good”

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